Bow Valley Kayak Club

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How To Get Started in Kayaking

Kayaking with the Bow Valley Kayak Club is simple and fun. If you are new to kayaking and would like to take up this wonderful "underwater" sport, here are some simple steps to take you from complete newbie to skilled veteran:

  1. Purchase a Membership: $35 for a year, a membership helps support the sport in Alberta and your community. You also get access to all of the club's programming, river runs and training sessions. 
  2. Register for an Introductory course: Start your training by taking a course. This is the best way to be introduced to the sport and learn the skills you will need to be safe on the water. You will also meet a bunch of like-minded friends to start paddling with.
  3. Come to Pool Sessions: Pool sessions are a place to meet fellow paddlers and practice paddle strokes and your roll. What better place to do that than in warm water?
  4. Register for Evening Sessions: Continue to register for coached training to help build up your confidence and skills in the water. The costs depend on the destination, but we do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum.
  5. Go Paddling: By now you will have met a bunch of paddlers who will be keen to help you progress. Go Paddling! make sure you are paddling in your skill level, but continue to refine your skills with your new paddling buddies.
  6. Take more training: Every paddler should take a few courses every year to help them progress as a paddler. If you are getting comfortable on the water, then consider taking a swift water rescue course.
  7. Go to a Festival: There are a number of whitewater festivals every year for you to attend, meet new paddle buddies and experience new rivers. 

Coach Showing Off!

You might be a BVKC member if...

· Your boat is worth more than your car

· "River Scum" is a compliment

· Any water that isn't solid is warm enough to paddle

· "What time do they turn the river on?" makes sense

· You've ever been the victim of a rafting hit & run

· Santa Claus  appears every day between 11 and 6

· You only go to the swimming pool for roll practice

· is your idea of internet porn

· Your wife says you love your boat and your boat'n’buddies more than her, and she sounds just like your first wife...and your second...

· Widowmaker" sounds inviting

· You have been hypothermic in July

· You count trout for Alberta Parks while paddling

· Your Mom has stopped saying "be careful this weekend".

· Your idea of insurance is owing money to your paddling buddies

· You think getting flushed down the Kan is a great way to

spend a day!

The Kan's Prayer

TransAlta, who art in Barrier,

You guys are really dam powerful.

The water comes,

When you say so,

Downstream, as it is above.

Give us this day our daily flow

And forgive us that we have to work during the day.

Lead us not onto other rivers,

But deliver us from yet another lower Bow run.

For thine is the button,

To the floodgates and our recreation,

For our ridiculously short summers

Amen (or A-non gender specific paddling person)

Support our Community

10% off any soft goods, for BVKC Members.