Bow Valley Kayak Club

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Member information.

Here you will find specific links that are useful to you as a member. We post minutes from our meetings and discussions, and here you can find the all-important equipment sign out sheet.

These documents are viewable on most modern devices. If you cannot view them and your need is urgent please contact us!

We are very proud to be able to offer our members a wide range of paddle sports equipment. We encourage our members to make use of this huge benefit and have fun out on the water as often as you can!
Please peruse the rules and procedures before collecting anything. if you need any help at all please contact us.

Get in touch Via E-mail.

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Thank you for contacting the Bow Valley Kayak Club.
We will get back to you as soon as we can.
If your enquiry is urgent you can call or text our head coach on (587) 585-8711.

Have a great day!
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Equipment borrowing rules and procedures:

  • No access to equipment within the first two weeks of your membership. (programming and course participants exempt)
  • Understand that we work hard to provide our members with an extremely well equipped club that offers a plethora of equipment to it's members for less than the price of a good meal. This equipment is not easily sourced, cheap to buy, or quickly replaced. As such, violation of these rules will bring your membership into question.
  • All members using equipment must be trained in the safe use of whatever they are using.
  • ONE member can sign out ONE boat at a time. You cannot sign out two boats.
    If you are signing out for you and your kids, fill out a separate line on the sheet for your kids.
  • You must be a member to use our equipment 
  • You cannot take equipment for non-members to use. This would risk our insurance policy.
  • When borrowing equipment, You will request access to the sign out sheet (in advance) Monday to Thursday, and Friday up until 4pm. (when we are likely to be in cell service):
  • In your request where it says "message (optional)" you need to write:
    -Your full name
    -your telephone number
    -your address
    -if you are a member
    -the type of boat you hope to take (doesn't have to be specific boats eg: river runner)
    -if you have your own airbags/float bags
    -the other equipment you hope to access. (paddle, pfd, spryskirt etc..)
    -The date AND time you will be picking up
    -the date AND time you will be returning
    If any of the above information is missing on your access request, it will be denied.
    Once you have access you will need to fully fill out the sign out sheet with all the same information. if you cannot write these in the request on your mobile device: send an email with the same information to
  • This sign out sheet must be fully filled out. If you are struggling to view it on your device - our only suggestion is to use/get a different device.
  • All Members borrowing boats MUST have their own airbags/float bags. No airbags = No boat. If you need help finding/purchasing these: contact us.
  • There is a 72 hour limit on the length of time you can borrow equipment.
  • Members paying for BVKC training and courses and programming get full priority over equipment during their course.
  • You cannot pre-book a specific boat.
  •  It is your responsibility to check your equipment for damages before and after use.
  • It is also your responsibility to report damages by contacting us.
  • Members may be held responsible for any damages incurred by mis-use, ignorance, or any failure to follow these guidelines. If you are un-sure, please contact us!
  • Vehicle speed must be kept to a minimum around the containers and surrounding roads.
  • Equipment is used entirely at your own risk. No-one but you are liable for any injuries/incidents incurred.

Gear Sign Out

Meeting Minutes

Trip Policy