Bow Valley Kayak Club

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Adult Programs

Former Coach Bryce Shaw!

Improvers Course:

For the grade 2/3 paddler. This is a bread and butter course if you are paddling and enjoying grade 2 white water (Kananaskis or red deer for example).

The coaching will be specific to the Individual and the skills worked on will be dictated by you. What do you want to Improve? Do you want to move around the river with less effort? Do you want to learn to surf? Do you want to get better in your little/play boat? Do you want to start looking at boofing? Are we thinking about some tricks/freestyle on the river? Getting better at rescues? More rope work? Safer swimming? 

There is no limit to what we can work on in this course.

As well as general improvement we will take a more in-depth look at Whitewater safety and rescue skills, strong decision making, and utilizing boat design to make the job easier.

Beyond the Basics:
This is our "next step after a beginner course" course.

This program is for those that have the basic skills necessary to navigate easy rivers and are looking to improve their technical ability, confidence, and fun on more challenging features and different rivers.
During the sessions we will explore new rivers and stretches of water, gain confidence going through bigger waves and features, learn more about line-choice, river reading, maneuvers, rescue tactics, equipment, and teamwork.
This course is not suitable for beginners. The ability to navigate flat-but-moving water, use eddies, and safely exit the boat during a capsize is necessary before joining.

Zero to Hero:

Are you a Beginner kayaker? Have you never tried yet always fancied it? Do you have a lust for adventure that can be suppressed no longer? The zero to hero program is a four-week program designed to get you from having never sat in a boat; to sending it down Whitewater rapids with style. Over four days/sessions you will learn all the necessary skills to enter the world of Whitewater paddle sports. This will include equipment, weather, water levels, basic paddling technique, decision making, navigating obstacles and rapids, and ultimately having the best times making great friends in some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet.

Intro freestyle:

This course is for those looking to take steps into the world of playboats, surfing, and turning the river features into a playground. During the course you will learn how to identify the hazards involved in using river features and how to manage yourself and your group to keep everyone safe whilst playing. You will be introduced to more advanced boat control and a more detailed approach to how your boat, body, and blade can be used to create a slice of the magic we see the professionals do.
This course will include instruction on rolling and surfing.
Learning these skills is about the most fun a human can have however: You will get wet and most likely will have out of boat experiences.


chubbies freestyle sessions

These are six sessions geared towards improving our freestyle and surfing skill. intermediate whitewater paddling skills are required for this program:
Rolling in whitewater, surfing holes, ferrying, catching eddies in class 3 whitewater.
Coached sessions. individual goal setting and improvement plans.
get that next trick, or that first trick!

make a splash

Flatwater Paddlesports course.
This course is designed for 7+ year-olds as an Introduction to the world of paddling activities. Over three days we will visit some of the most spectacular lakes in the area and enjoy many good times on the water. We will use beginner friendly equipment and venues to create a safe and fun learning environment.
This is a great option if you are looking to get your little ones into paddling early.